Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you find this money?

We buy databases from various organizations that owe money to companies and individuals and have not been able to refund this money to the proper owner.

Does this money come from the State of Texas Unclaimed Property?

No.  This is totally separate.  Want to check there and see if you have anything else coming to you?  Just click here, and then come right back to get started collecting what we found for you!

Does this involve my business Accounts Receivable?

No.  None of the money we locate for you involves your Accounts Receivable.  Furthermore, we are not a collection agency of any kind, nor are we involved in factoring.

Okay, how does this work?

We provide you with all the information you need to collect YOUR money by YOURSELF! We give you the name of the organization, their phone number and website, along with other necessary information. We help you get the refund process started, and you deal directly with the organization, and they pay YOU! Then when you receive your money, and only after you have received your money, you remit a portion of that payment to our firm. You are always 100% in control!

How much information do I have to provide to you? 

None!  Actually, we provide all the information needed to YOU.  All the research is completed.  You just need to agree to get your own money!

How much work must I do to get my money? 

None really.  Just sign and submit the refund application form we complete and provide to you to request your money, usually in about 10 minutes. Then just wait for your refund to arrive.

How do you make your money? 

You only pay us AFTER you recieve your payment from the organization. There are NO upfront fees.

How long does the process take to get my money?

Just a few short weeks.  As soon as we get the approved Agreement Letter from you we start the process. Since we have already located the source of the funds, the lag time is minimal. We give the completed forms and information to you that you need to request a refund immediately. Our sources are anxious to close these accounts off their books. And remember, we are as excited as you are to help you receive money fast!

How do you differ from internet money finders?

Many of them give a promise that they may have found some money for you, and for a fee in advance they will complete the search. Often there is nothing recovered, since it is for someone with a similar name or some other excuse. Or perhaps the amount is less than originally told, yet you have already paid them! We charge NOTHING up front, because we do all the work in advance. If we don’t recover for you, you still owe us nothing!

Where are you located?

Our main offices are in Baytown, which is in the Houston area 

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